Why romantic getaways are ‘weird’ for Albo and Jodie now he’s PM

Anthony Albanese has dished on what his romantic getaways with Jodie Haydon really look like since taking over the top job.

During a short break earlier this month, the Prime Minister jetted off to tourist hot spot Broome for some rest and relaxation after a jam-packed couple of months.

But those thinking he had whisked away girlfriend Haydon for a romantic trip did not factor in the security guards that now follow him everywhere he goes.

‘It was a holiday with a difference, of course, because these days I have to travel with security. So that was weird,’ the Prime Minister told Perth radio.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his girlfriend Jodie Haydon kayaking (pictured) in Broome, Western Australia, earlier this month – along with their security detail

Anthony Albanese has revealed what holidays with partner Jodie Haydon are like now he is PM

The Australian Federal Police provides protection to the Prime Minister while he travels domestically and overseas.

‘There were two kayaks on the water. There was myself and Jodie and next to us were two of our best friends, who happened to be large gentlemen,’ he joked.

‘It was their job to protect me from sharks or anything else they need to.’

While he declined to delve into too many details about his protective detail, he confirmed he can’t just walk around the Lodge in his boxers.

But the Prime Minister did let listeners know that his new ‘best friends’ had taken a liking to his beloved dog Toto.

Anthony Albanese took his dog ‘Toto’ for a stroll at Parliament House on Wednesday

Australia’s new ‘First Dog’ Toto, pictured with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and his girlfriend Jodie Haydon, is loving her new life in Canberra despite the icy mornings

‘The First Dog, they’ve made it very clear, that we cannot have the First Dog run over. They’re all very conscious about that,’ he said.

At one point, the nation’s so-called First Dog interrupted the radio interview after getting overexcited playing catch with an AFP officer.

‘That’s Toto in the background,’ Mr Albanese proudly stated.

‘There is literally an AFP officer who doesn’t know we’re talking about him. I can see him through the door here, playing ball with Toto outside’.

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The Australian Federal Police provides protection to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese (pictured with girlfriend Jodie Haydon) while he travels domestically and overseas

Mr Albanese moved from his home in Marrickville to live in the Lodge in Canberra full-time following his election in May.

Asked about his transition to his new prime ministerial home, he complained the house was ‘a bit strange because it’s so big’.

‘It’s bigger than anything I’ve ever lived in myself, so that can be a bit strange,’ he said.

However, he that stressed Toto – who also joined the Prime Minister for a stroll at Parliament House on Wednesday morning – is loving her new life in Canberra despite the icy mornings.

‘It has been a bit chilly. That raises issues for my dog Toto who refuses to go half on the grass in the morning because it’s icy, so we have this whole stand-off in the morning with her: “Nah, don’t be ridiculous. It’s cold out. What are you thinking?”‘ Mr Albanese added.

‘But Toto rather likes the idea of a walk around the Lodge grounds, which is big – we’d call it an oval if it was in Marrickville.’

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