How to make frozen coffee ice cream in just THREE steps – with no special tools

A coffee expert has revealed a very simple recipe to make no churn coffee ice cream in just three simple steps.

James Carter of revealed the delicious summertime treat can be made with just five ingredients in five minutes, and no special equipment is required.

Speaking to FEMAIL, James revealed all you need is double cream, condensed milk, ground coffee, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

A coffee expert has revealed a very simple recipe to make no churn coffee ice cream in just three simple steps

Next, all you need to do is whisk all the ingredients together until stiff peaks form.

After that all that needs to be done is freezing. First pour it into a loaf pan and cover in a plastic wrap before freezing it for at least six hours.

James added that the recipe can be easily changed to match your taste.

Prep: 5 minutes

Cook: No cooking time required

Serves: Makes 1 litre

‘For a softer texture, you can add alcohol.

‘Alcohol will never freeze hard, so the consistency of your ice cream will always remain soft.

‘We recommend adding two tablespoons of coffee liqueur to the recipe for an additional coffee flavour. Don’t add too much liqueur, as too much alcohol can reduce the freezing quality.’

‘You can customise the flavour of each ice cream by experimenting with your toppings.

‘Be creative with your choice by adding chocolate chunks, cookie dough or even cinnamon if you want a refreshing but spicy flavour,’ he added.

It’s also best to press your grounds through a fine mesh sieve before making the ice cream, and to use a dark roast if possible, James explained.

For serving the treat, James also had plenty of tips on how to make it extra delicious.

 ‘When ready to serve, heat an ice cream scoop with hot water before scooping the ice cream out.

‘This will give you a perfect, rounded shape without any struggle.’

‘Another way to enjoy your coffee ice-cream is sandwiched between two cookies.

‘If you are making the cookies from scratch, ensure they are completely cool before placing the ice-cream in-between.

‘You can make a batch of coffee ice-cream sandwiches in advance too.

‘Simply wrap each sandwich in plastic then place in an airtight container to prevent freezer burn.

‘If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to go through the process of making ice-cream from scratch, you can make what the Italians call ‘Affogato al Caffè’ which translates to ‘drowned in coffee’.

‘Simply scoop one ball of vanilla ice-cream out and pour one shot of hot espresso over it. Stir the vanilla ice cream into the hot coffee so that it melts a little, and enjoy this quick and refreshing delight.’

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