Maya Millete had sought out advice on divorce lawyers on Facebook

Missing California mom Maya ‘May’ Millete had tried to anonymously seek advice on local divorce lawyers on Facebok just hours before she mysteriously disappeared.

The 39-year-old mom-of-three has been missing since January 7, when she was last seen at her home in Chula Vista, San Diego County. Her husband of 21 years, Larry Millete, reported her missing three days later.

Family members have revealed the couple’s marriage had been on the rocks and that Maya was preparing to file for divorce.

On Friday it emerged that Maya had shared a post in a Facebook group for mothers on the same day she vanished claiming she was seeking advice on a local family law firm on behalf of ‘a friend.’

The family went camping not long before Maya vanished. Her relatives say she and Larry argued throughout and that it was clear their relationship was over 

Larry has not been arrested, nor has anyone else, in relation to the mother-of-three’s disappearance

‘Asking for a friend – Has anyone used or have gone through the services of collaborative practice San Diego for divorce? Looking for insights? Positive/negative aspect?’ she wrote, Fox News reported.

The group’s moderator told the news station Maya likely claimed to be asking for a friend as a ‘desperate attempt to remain anonymous.’

She eventually made an appointment with San Diego divorce lawyer Marisa Nahale the following week, but went missing before they could meet.

Maya’s older sister Maricris Drouaillet told Fox News Friday her sibling had been considering leaving her husband over the last year.

‘I think she was ready in December, and then she finally decided to file that divorce that day,’ she said.

As the search for Maya stretches into its fourth month, her relatives have become increasingly insistent that police zero in on her husband.

In a new interview with Fox News earlier this week, Maya’s brother-in-law Richard Drouaillet revealed that the couple’s marital problems began months earlier, and claimed that Larry repeatedly reached out to his wife’s family about their problems.

‘He was more of an aggressor, trying to get us involved,’ Richard said of Larry.

Maya ‘May’ Millete, 39, vanished in January, days before she was due to meet with a divorce lawyer to discuss leaving her husband Larry

Posters of the missing mother-of-three have been posted around the area

‘He was trying to get us on his side, when we felt like it was a lot of lies that he was telling us.’

Richard said the last time he and his wife Maricris, Maya’s sister, saw the couple was on a camping trip days before she went missing.

It was during that trip that Maya allegedly warned that Larry might do something to her, according to a family member who spoke to Fox News on condition of anonymity.

Maricris, told NBC7 that Larry and Maya engaged in ‘a lot of arguments’ on the trip.

‘We felt sometimes uncomfortable about it, too,’ Maricris said. ‘But you know, we were just praying and hoping they would be able to work it out. We didn’t see this coming, you know, after that.’

Speaking to Fox News, Richard recalled how Larry had called him asking for advice about his marriage last summer.

‘He just sounded desperate, you know, “You gotta listen to me. It’s her fault, it’s her fault,”‘ Richard said.

The couple with their three kids. Maya’s family say they had been arguing frequently

He said that Larry began sending increasingly bizarre messages to his in-laws in the months that followed.

In September he allegedly sent on of Maya’s relatives a photo that showed a picture of the couple covered in what appeared to be drops of blood and four candles.

‘He did some extreme s**t,’ Richard said.

Maya’s relatives told Fox News that they’ve been cautious about speaking out because they’re afraid of Larry.

Larry has declined to speak to the media and reportedly stopped cooperating with police in the investigation after retaining his own lawyer.

The family are now campaigning on a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for a private investigation because they think the police are not acting quickly enough.

They say Larry has not helped them in any public searches for Maya.

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