Pancake idea using just five ingredients-Mum shares her genius healthy weekday breakfast idea

An Australian mum who’s known for sharing cooking and cleaning tips online has revealed her morning routine.

The woman, who goes by the name Cleaning With Nessa on TikTok, shared a video with her 1.1 million followers on March 3.

In the clip Nessa made banana pancakes with a side of fresh fruit for herself and her children.

The healthy meal is full of vitamins and nutrients and would contain less sugar compared to regular pancakes.


In a TikTok video mum Nessa shared her morning routine, which involved making banana pancakes for her children

To make the delicious breakfast meal she smashed one banana in a bowl using a fork then added two eggs, one tablespoon of peanut butter, half a cup of oats and half a cup of chia seeds.

The mixture was then combined thoroughly before being spooned into a hot fry pan.

The miniature pancakes would’ve taken a few minutes to cook through and were then cut into strips before serving.

Earlier this year leading Sydney dietitian Rebecca Gawthorne, 32, gave banana pancakes the tick of approval as it’s a simple, nutritious breakfast meal.

‘Even if you really don’t like cooking, you have to try this recipe,’ Rebecca wrote on Instagram.


 To make the meal she used banana, eggs, chia seeds, rolled oats and peanut butter

Nessa’s TikTok video has since received more than 150,000 views and others seemed inspired to try the recipe.

In other videos Nessa has also revealed a variety of cleaning tips – including how to organise your pantry and clean the kitchen drain.

In one clip she shared the products she uses to clean her bathroom, which has been viewed over 6.8 million times.


  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats


Combine all ingredients together in a bowl

Make the pancakes by scooping small amounts into a heated fry pan

Flip after one minute

Serve with fruit

Source: Clean with Nessa

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