Teen allegedly bashed to death saves five lives with organ donation

Teen mum Kayla Dawson did not apply for bail and it was formally refused at court on Monday

A boy who was allegedly beaten to death by a gang of teenagers over a stolen pair of Airpods and ‘postcode wars’ has saved five lives through organ donation.

The 16-year-old’s grieving mother opted to donate his organs after his life support was switched off on Saturday morning.

Police will allege the boy was set upon by six teens aged between 13 and 19 on Wednesday, August 4.

He was allegedly lured to a home in Doonside in Sydney’ west by 19-year-old Kayla Dawson under the pretense of attending a party.

The boy’s aunt said he was ‘amazing’ as she revealed how the tragedy of his death had helped five other people on Tuesday afternoon.

‘After this difficult decision that (the boy’s) mum had to make, she has just heard that through his organ donation, (he) has been able to save 5 lives.

‘What an amazing boy!’

His family are said to be ‘overwhelmed’ by support from the local community, who have come together to raise $44,000 for his funeral at time of publication.

But they’re also pleading with the community to avoid disturbing footage of the alleged assault which has been shared on social media.

The 16-year-old boy from Sydney’s southeast was allegedly lured to a home in Doonside in the west on August 2 under the pretense of a ‘huge party’

The group of teenagers, who are all facing murder charges, allegedly recorded the brutal attack and distributed it widely via Instagram and TikTok.

His great-aunt Gae Maidment lashed out at those involved in sharing the footage.

‘How dare [anyone] be so cruel to post a video… I can’t imagine the terror he was facing,’ she said.

Ms Maidment, whose brother is the victim’s grandfather, said she hopes she never has to watch the graphic video.

She is calling on those found guilty of a crime to be ‘locked up and throw away the key’.

Police will allege in court that the boy was left lifeless on the floor, not breathing. Paramedics managed to restart his heart with a shot of adrenalin but he died in hospital three days later

The woman also responded to allegations made publicly by Dawson, a teen mum and the only adult charged so far for her alleged involvement.

Just one day after the boy was found unresponsive and brain dead inside her home, Dawson told waiting media that he was ‘a good guy… just brought up the wrong way’.

Ms Maidment rubbished those allegations.

‘He certainly was not ”brought up wrong”,’ she said, adding that the family were struggling to cope with his death.

‘They’re completely shattered… My brother is devastated.’

The teenagers allegedly took turns stomping and jumping on the boy with someone eventually yelling ‘finish him’ at 4.39pm on August 4, police claim.


The boy, 16 (on left), died in hospital on Saturday after doctors turned off his life support. Kayla Dawson, 19, the resident of the house, allegedly called 000 about an hour after most of the teenagers left the home

When paramedics were called to the home more than an hour later, they performed CPR for ‘a long time’ and managed to restart the teenager’s heart with a shot of adrenalin.

A neighbour is understood to have helped try to save the boy’s life. However, despite their best efforts, the boy was placed in an induced coma upon arrival at Westmead Hospital.

He was brain dead and had suffered blunt force trauma injuries to his face and body, as well as two collapsed lungs.

Doctors switched off the teenager’s life support at 10.02am on Saturday.

Sporting a Lonsdale jumper and black cap, Dawson agreed to be interviewed by 7News at the scene the day after the boy was found and rushed to hospital

Ms Maidment said the family will likely not be able to mourn together given current Covid and border restrictions.

‘With me in Brisbane and not being able to travel down due to all the hotspots… It’s very difficult,’ she said.

The family have also been informed that due to the current Covid outbreak, just five people can attend a funeral in person.

‘It makes me feel helpless,’ she said.

All six teenagers remain before the courts charged with a series of serious offences – including murder.

They are yet to enter pleas.

Harley Robinson was cornered at Blacktown train station in western Sydney near the local courthouse as his girlfriend  made her first appearance since she was charged with murder

A teenage mother who was the sixth person to be charged over the death of a 16-year-old boy sipped on a takeaway coffee and casually told reporters she had ‘no idea what happened’ days before she was arrested.

Kayla Dawson was arrested at an address in Doonside in Sydney’s west about 3pm on Sunday and formally charged with murder.

Sporting a Lonsdale jumper and black cap, Dawson agreed to be interviewed by 7News at the scene the day after the boy was found and rushed to hospital.

‘I can’t go back to my house because it’s still under investigation,’ she said as she sipped on her coffee and rolled her eyes.

‘It was like a bashing… I don’t know what it’s over.’

When prompted, she added: ‘He’s a good guy but he’s just brought up the wrong way’.

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