Woman has panic on waterslide and tries to stop herself dropping

This is the moment a woman tried in vain to stop herself from dropping down a slide at a water park in Wisconsin.

In a clip shared by her boyfriend, the woman, known only as Sonja, can be seen anxiously waiting to be dropped down a chute at the Kalahari resort in Wisconsin Dells.

But just before a trap door opens beneath her feet, she appears to have a last-minute change of heart.

The video shows her face looking suddenly panicked in the moments before being dropped.

She is then seen slamming her palms against the ‘launch capsule’ in what appears to be an attempt to stop herself from falling.

Her boyfriend said: ‘My girlfriend Sonja and I were at Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells and I recorded her first time going down this slide on July 10 of this year.

‘She panicked and her reflexes had her reach out to try to catch herself.’

The thrilling multi-colored ride is called the Screaming Hyena.

The Kalahari resort website reads: ‘Meant for the most adventurous thrill-seekers, this ride starts THROUGH THE ROOF, 60 feet above the water park floor.

‘A trap door free fall sends riders plummeting nearly vertical at 25 miles per hour to the water park below!’

Wave of emotions: Sonja is filmed smiling with her arms crossed waiting to be dropped down a trap door while locked inside a capsule on the Screaming Hyena slide in Wisconsin Dells, before she appears to become awash with regret and tries to stop herself from falling

The Screaming Hyena sees riders dropped from a trap door some 60ft above the water park floor

Oh chute! Sonja reaches out to try and catch herself after the trap door opens on the Screaming Hyena slide in Wisconsin Dells

Guests enter the purple launch capsule before being locked in by an employee.

After a three-second countdown, the floor drops underneath their feet.

After plummeting down the first drop, riders zoom through a long curve before coming to a stop in the run-out area.

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