Antonio ‘Loco’ Soto III threatens to ‘f***’ the dog of Joshua Morales

Antonio ‘Loco’ Soto III bizarrely told his bare knuckle boxing opponent Joshua Morales that he was going to ‘f***’ his dog during a feisty weigh in ahead of Saturday night’s bout.

The American’s are doing battle this weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as they step into the ring for one of sport’s most brutal encounters.

Facing up to each other ahead of Saturday’s lightweight fight, Soto III had some choice words for his opponent including telling his opponent that he is going to ‘knock him out’ and ‘f***’ his dog.

Antonio ‘Loco’ Soto III threatened to ‘f***’ the dog of his opponent in a bizarre match up 

‘I’m going to knock you out,’ he said.

‘I’m going to f*** you’re dog, just so you know that. It’s going to be my f****** dog.’

Soto III then attempts to throw some more insults in the direction of his opponent as the two fighters had to be separated at their pre-fight weigh in.

The two fighters will step into the ring without gloves on Saturday night with things getting feisty during the weigh in and pre-fight formalities

The bare knuckle fighting championships are hosting their 28th event this weekend as they attempt to take what has long been a sport very much of the underworld into the mainstream.

Soto III and Morales are part of a packed card that includes both male and female fights as well as bouts ranging from welterweight to lightweight.

The event is co-headlined by Taylor Starling vs Christine Ferea and John Dodson vs Ryan Benoit.

Joshua Morales’s dog was looking on when the threat was made by his opponent earlier on Saturday

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