Frustration as another round of 50,000 travel vouchers are snapped up

The third and final round of travel vouchers offered to Victorians were snatched up within minutes on Tuesday morning.

It took only five minutes for the final 50,000 vouchers to be allocated when they went on offer at 10am.

It was the last date Victorians could claim the travel vouchers.

Victorians who were allocated a voucher are required to spend at least $400 on certain travel expenses before they can receive the $200 reimbursement

Victorians who receive a $200 voucher will need to spend at least $400 on paid accommodation, experiences, tours or attractions during their travels in order to receive the $200 reimbursement.

To be eligible to claim a reimbursement voucher users must stay for at least two nights in paid accommodation in regional Victoria, the Yarra and Dandenong Ranges or the Mornington Peninsula.

The travel vouchers are redeemable for travel between April 6 and May 31 and receipts must be shown as proof they have spent more than $400.

Voucher reimbursement can only be claimed on paid accommodation, paid tours and experiences and entry fees to regional attractions.

Regional Victoria including the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges (pictured), Mornington Peninsula and the Victorian alpine ski slopes is where voucher users must travel to get reimbursed

The vouchers will offer assistance to cover the costs of trips to: 

Regional Victoria, including the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Mornington Peninsula and the Victorian alpine ski resorts.

Applicants must prove they have spent over $400 in the following categories:

  • Paid accommodation: Serviced apartments, backpacker and hostels, bed and breakfasts, cabins or caravans in holiday parks, caravan and camping site fees, cottages, farm stays, private holiday rentals, houseboats, motels, hotels, resorts, retreats and lodges
  • Paid tours and experiences: Boat cruises, guided walk, bus tour, air tour, agri-tourism, food and wine tour, sport tour, outdoor and adventure tours
  • Entry fees to regional attractions: Places/areas of interest that offer a distinct visitor experience to the leisure tourist such as museums, water parks, local attractions, theme parks etc.

The vouchers won’t cover: 

  • Gaming alcohol (except if alcohol is included in a wine, brewery or distillery tasting type tour; excludes any alcohol purchased and consumed outside of the experience)
  • Fuel food and drinks, except where packaged with an eligible expense such as a winery tour
  • Groceries
  • Personal items such as clothing and accessories
  • Transport costs (rental vehicles, train and bus tickets)

Source: Victorian Government: Regional Travel Voucher Scheme.

The Victorian alpine ski resorts are included in the regional Victorian areas where voucher users can be reimbursed up to $200 in travel costs

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