Is there Red Light Areas in Nepal? You should visit Nepal for Sex?

This post is for you if you are looking for red light areas in Nepal or places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, or Butwal.

This article also covers sex tourism in Nepal. 

Before starting the list of places, let me clear you one thing Nepal doesn’t have any official red light areas. 

Yes, I agree that you might have heard the name of some places where sexual activities occur in Nepal. 

But, like in Thailand, there are no official red light areas in Nepal approved by the government. 

It’s completely illegal to buy and sell sex for the sake of money in Nepal. You will be fined, punished, and may be jailed if found.

Most importantly, if you are planning to visit Nepal for the sake of sex, then cancel your plan. Nepal is not for sex buyers. Nepal is a beautiful country in the Himalayas with numerous world heritage sites, temples, beautiful local culture, and the best hospitality. 

You can visit Nepal for trekking, hiking, tours, etc. but not to visit red light areas because there are no red light areas.

As mentioned earlier, you might have heard about some places where sexual activities occur in Nepal; let’s discuss these places and know the truth.

The probable red light areas in Nepal


Thamel is the first place that comes to mind when someone talks about red light areas in Nepal. It is because Thamel is a touristic destination hub with many hotels, dance bars, pubs, clubs, etc. Until a few years ago, we heard that some massage centers and clubs offer sexual activities for clients in Thamel. But the situation is completely changed now. These kinds of massage centers and clubs are already closed after police raided them. You can no longer find sexual activities in Thamel. 

You can enjoy the best nightlife in Thamel. At night, Thamel is no less than a beautiful city in developed countries like USA and Canada. Beautiful lights, street walks, live music, and DJs inside the clubs make your nightlife memorable.


Ratnapark is another place where most people think sexual activities occur. It’s more popular among local Nepalese. 

It lies in the heart of the Kathmandu ring road. Yes, it used to be sexual bargains there in the past; numerous news articles were published about raids at Ratnapark. But nowadays there is a beautiful park in Ratnapark, where many people visit to enjoy themselves with friends and spend their day, especially during the cold months. 

I had also visited Ratnapark many times recently, including inside the park, but never saw or heard of sexual activities there. So per my opinion and research, it’s entirely wrong to say Ratnapark is the red light area of Nepal. 

You can go there to stay and talk with your friends during day time.


Sundhara is another touristic destination near Dharahara. It’s famous for an overnight stay with Thakali lodges, guest houses, a few clubs, bars, etc. It’s a remote location; I have been there many times, even at night. I never saw anyone dealing with such kinds of activities. It’s the best place for local markets; most clothes wholesale and retail shops are there.

New Bus Park

Kathmandu’s new bus park is another popular touristic destination among domestic travellers. Since it’s the central bus park of Kathmandu, people from all village areas land there. This place is also famous, with many guest houses, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. And nightlife occurs here too. Yes, it’s true; Kathmandu’s new bus park used to be one of Nepal’s famous red-light areas. Because police used to raid most of the guest houses and clubs every week during 2016-2018, but it’s completely changed, nowadays there won’t be any sexual trade activities. You cant buy and sell sex at the new bus park nowadays. 

Baglung Buspark, Pokhara

Pokhara is another tourist destination in Nepal, and Baglung bus park is the bus park where the bus stops. There are lots of guest houses, hotels, restaurants and clubs. In 2014, police raided there and found sexual activities at one hotel; after that, I had never heard about it. 


I reviewed all the probable red light areas in Nepal that you might be thinking of or heard of somewhere. I think you understand now about them all. 

It’s the same for other places in Nepal, like Chitwan, Butwal, and more. You cant buy and sell sex here in Nepal legally. It’s illegal; you will be published behind the bar if found. So don’t try this here in Nepal. 

Nepal is a Hinduism country; according to the Hindu religion, women are gods, Laxmi. So there is no chance of being legal red light areas in Nepal. If you find any, please let us know in a comment below so that we can update this article and let our readers know about it.

Visit this beautiful country and enjoy. Have a good day.

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