Is Wayne Bennett in a relationship? NRL legend, 68, ‘splits from glamorous partner’

Is Wayne Bennett in a relationship? Here is the story of him, his wife, trish bennett & Partner Dale Tynan Cage covered by DailyMail.

Veteran NRL coach Wayne Bennett has reportedly split with his glamorous younger girlfriend just 19 months after leaving his wife of 42 years for her.

Bennett’s friends told The Daily Telegraph he is no longer with Dale Cage, 52.

In September 2016, Daily Mail Australia revealed that Bennett, 68, was dating Cage after meeting the blonde beauty while she was working as a medical secretary in Newcastle, New South Wales.

It came after the Broncos coach announced his split from his wife Trish Bennett, who cares for the couple’s two adult disabled children, Justin and Katherine.

Split: NRL legend Wayne Bennett’s friends have said he is no longer with Dale Cage (pictured together on a date in Brisbane in March 2017)

Happier times: Bennett with his glamorous girlfriend Dale Cage. They pair have now reportedly split

Veteran NRL coach Wayne Bennett has reportedly split with his glamorous younger girlfriend less just 19 months after leaving his wife of 42 years for her

Ms Cage was working as a secretary at a performance physiotherapy clinic when she crossed paths with the coach.

After meeting Cage, she left her partner of more than 20 years, the father of her children, and moved to Queensland to be with him.

Bennett, who was a police officer before becoming an NRL coach, doesn’t drink, smoke or gamble and was known for being a ‘family man’.


Ms Cage and Bennett crossed paths when the 68-year-old NRL coach moved to Newcastle to coach the Knights

Wayne Bennett (pictured in 2016) announced two years ago that he and his wife of 42 years had split

After Bennett was named Queensland’s ‘father of the year’ in 1998, the normally private coach opened up about his family life in a rare interview.

He described his first-born child Justin as ‘quite normal’ at birth saying the couple was ‘very happy to have him’.

Justin had seizures following a ‘triple antigen needle’ and suffered brain damage.

Bennett and his wife estranged Trish are pictured together in an Australian Story documentary in 1999

The NRL coach was dating Cage after he met in Newcastle while he was working with the Knights

I wasn’t interested in football anymore: Wayne Bennett opens up

Video at DailyMail’s Full News Coverage

The couple then had a daughter, Elizabeth, who is now married to Ben Ikin. They have four children. Bennett’s next child, Katherine, was born with arthrogryposis – a disability of the joints.

‘There was no indication there was anything wrong. Doctor came out when I was in the waiting room. He said Wayne he said things aren’t real good. We haven’t got a good one here. Funny how you remember his exact words,’ Bennett said.

‘She had clubfeet. Her feet were sitting on her tummy. Her arms were extended because she couldn’t bend her elbows,’ Mrs Bennett said.

Bennett met his wife on a blind date set up by her brother.

He said: ‘So I just turned up and I met Trish. Some would say it was the luckiest day of my life. And they’d be right too actually. They’d be right.’

The blonde beauty split was in a relationship with her partner of 20 years prior to meeting Bennett

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