‘I’ve got the cans, but I’ve got no petrol’ say Lizzie Cundy

TV personality Lizzie Cundy shared an hilarious snap of herself wearing a red swimsuit while playfully holding a petrol can amid the ongoing fuel crisis.

The presenter 53, donned a tiny red Baywatch style suit, oversized sunglasses and a pair of dainty punk fluffy heeled shoes for the Instagram snap posted on Thursday.

She captioned the image, ‘I’ve got the cans, but I’ve got no petrol…….can anyone help? #nofuel #empty #tank #car #damsalindistress.’

‘I’ve got the cans, but no petrol’: Lizzie Cundy, 52, shared a hilarious snap of herself in a red swimsuit in her quest to filled up during the ongoing fuel crisis on Instagram on Thursday

Lizzie parked her white Mercedes on a quiet country lane holding a jerry can in her hand as she playfully made light of the current crisis.

Friends and fans flocked to her Instagram page to join in with the funny banter.

With one fan telling the sexy star that she had  ‘definitely got definitely got cans’!

While another offered to cheekily  ‘give her a gallon’ followed by posting the hiding face monkey emoji.

 Cheeky lady: The TV personality share this busty image of her on her car in her quest for fuel

Lizzie’s lighthearted image comes after it was revealed that online shoppers are being affected by the ongoing fuel crisis.

Petrol is reportedly being diverted from large retailers to garages in a bid to combat the shortage.

Tankers intended for business fleets have been ordered by Government officials to go to garages and service stations instead, industry sources have claimed.

Queues likely: Queues have been building up across the country as people search for fuel

The move has sparked warnings from experts against ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’.

Experts have also warned the redistribution would only increase demand and ‘panic ahead of a busy Christmas season.’

According to The Daily Telegraph, bosses at fuel terminals across the country have been told to prioritise drivers over companies – though a Government spokesman denied the claims.

Out of gas: Motorists have been me with these signs over the pumps as the fuel crisis worsens

A government spokesperson said: ‘This is simply untrue. The government has not directed fuel suppliers to favour petrol forecourts over commercial depots, nor has the issue even been discussed with industry.

‘There has always been and continues to be plenty of fuel at refineries and terminals and we are now seeing signs that the situation at the pumps has begun to improve with more stations getting more fuel.’

Experts at the Adam Smith Institute think tank, meanwhile, have warned a strategy to divert fuel from major retailers could backfire.

 Head of External Affairs at the Adam Smith Institute, Morgan Schondelmeier, told MailOnline: ‘It’s ironic that the Government is panicking and redistributing fuel when they were saying just yesterday there was no shortage and no one should panic.

‘Intervention in complex supply chains and logistics will inevitably cause knock-on effects, potentially more damaging than a temporary scarcity of petrol at stations.

No fuel:  forecourts  across the country have had to close due to the lack of petrol being supplied to stations

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