Man jailed after threatening to kill his ex-partner and rape her mum

A jealous ex who threatened to kill his former partner with his f**king penis’ and rape her mum during a barrage of abusive phone calls is back behind bars.

The man, 39, from Myrtleford, in Victoria’s north-east, pleaded guilty to stalking and intimidating to intend fear or physical harm and contravening a restraining order when he appeared in Albury Local Court last week.

According to court documents, the man, who cannot be named, hurled abuse when he called his ex-partner three times on the night of July 31 last year, the Albury Wodonga News reported.

‘You’re going down c***, I’m going to kill you with my f**king penis,’ the man said during the first call.

A Victorian man is back behind bars after he pleaded guilty to stalking and intimidating to intend fear or physical harm and contravening an apprehended violence order (stock image)

‘I’m going to put it right through your ear and go out through the other end and go down your f**king mouth then come out and stick it to your mum’s bum.’

He called his ex-partner again 10 minutes later before she hung up.

The man claimed to know where she lived when he called her a third time to hurl more abuse two minutes later, according to court documents.

‘I’m coming for you, you f**king sl*t. ‘I know where you live too,’ he said.

‘I’m going to wait for you there and I’m going to bring a crack pipe and stab it in your neck, you c***.’

The court heard the man threatened to kill his ex partner with his penis during a barrage of phone calls to her last July (stock image)

In fear of her safety, the woman passed on the audio recordings of the calls to police, who tracked the number to her former partner.

The man’s lawyer Tim Hemsley told the court his client was drunk at the time of making the calls and that the threats were ‘more of a joke,’ the local paper reported.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Andrew Coombs described the nature of the intimidation of the man’s phone calls as ‘mid-range’.

‘You might have trouble accepting these phone calls were some kind of a joke given the nature of the conversation,’ Sergeant Coombs said.

The man was taken into custody last August for other matters and spent four months behind bars before he was released on bail in December.

He has undergone drug and alcohol counselling in the past six months, the court heard.

The man appeared in Albury Local Court (pictured), where he was sentenced to 18 months jail

Mr Hemsley said the time spent in custody last year was a wake up call for his client, who had ‘no wish to attend jail again’.

But Magistrate Richard Funston disagreed as he slammed the man’s ‘appalling’ history of committing domestic violence offences.

‘Anyone who commits DV offences while on bail for DV offences for the same complainant, especially using these kinds of words, how could I not see the threshold (for jail) crossed?’ he said.

The man was sentenced to 18 months jail with a non-parole period of nine months.

The man’s ex-partner feared for her safety following the threatening calls, the court heard (stock image)

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