Michael Jacobshagen-Michael Jackson victim says star gave him a photo book of nude boys

Michael Jacobshagen, 35, claims Jackson sent him between 30-35 love letters when he was a child

A forensic handwriting expert has claimed disturbing messages written in a book containing pictures of a naked boy were penned by Michael Jackson.

In an explosive interview on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night, alleged victim Michael Jacobshagen revealed a slew of inappropriate messages he received from the pop star, including some inscribed in a photo book of a nude boy which he said was a gift.

One message read: ‘To Michael, my friend.

‘Your rubba rubba friend, MJ.’

Jacobshagen said ‘rubba rubba’ referred to the act of rubbing bodies together in bed – something the pair did when he stayed with the singer as a child.

However, the 35-year-old, from Munich, Germany, had been accused of forgery in Europe after publicly accusing Jackson of abuse following his death in 2009.

But the most alarming things he received from the star was a book titled ‘The Boy: A photographic essay,’ which featured pictures of a nude boy in various outdoor locations

Inside, the star had penned a message to his fan stating: ‘To Michael, my friend, ‘Your rubba rubba friend, MJ.’ A forensic handwriting analyst confirmed the message was written by the pop star

But forensic handwriting expert Bart Baggett said there ‘is no doubt’ the messages were written by the singer.

‘I’m 100 percent certain the person who inscribed these notes is Michael Jackson,’ he told Seven.

The notes were found in a photo book titled, ‘The Boy: A photographic essay,’ which featured pictures of a naked boy outdoors. The cover of the book is illustrated with an image of the boy’s naked backside.

Jacobshagen had developed a close relationship with the star after meeting him when he was 12 years old.

Jackson invited him to his Neverland Ranch where they often watched Peter Pan and would spend time in his jacuzzi.

During their their time apart, Jacobshagen said the singer kept in touch by sending him dozens of letters in the mail, one of which read: ‘I truly miss you very much, thank you for your loyalty and support. I wait for you at Neverland.

‘All my love always, Michael Jackson.’

He claimed Jackson sent him at least 30 to 35 messages, including an invitation to join him on his HIStory tour in the late 1990s.

During the interview, Jacobshagen also pointed out a shocking detail about one of the photos which he said he only recently discovered.

One of the pages shows the the boy’s naked backside had a circle drawn around it, which he claims was done by Jackson.

‘This is not art. This is, in my opinion, is pornography,’ Jacobshagen said.

Ms McManus started work at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in 1990, and after three months was trusted to clean his private suite

Adrian McManus (pictured) was once a trusted employee at the King of Pop’s home, but she now says during her tenure she saw him fondling, kissing and predatory behaviour

From 1990, McManus spent four years as Jackson’s personal maid – one of just a few staff to have access to the star’s bedroom, bathroom and secret chambers

The revelation comes on the heels of an explosive new documentary in which the two victims who accused the star molesting them when they were children, have spoken of the abuse for the first time.

Former Neverland employees have also come forward to say they were witnesses of Jackson’s abuse.

Adrian McManus, a former maid who spent years working for Michael Jackson, doubled down on previous allegations she made in an interview with DailyMailTV during an appearance on 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

‘I saw what I saw,’ she said. ‘Michael kissing on him. Michael’s hands kind of very close to Jordy’s crotch. It was terrible to see.’

Ms McManus was referring to Jordan Chandler, the 13-year-old boy who first accused Jackson of sexual misconduct during sleepovers at Neverland.

Jordan and his family received a $20million settlement but Jackson’s estate never admitted any guilt or wrongdoing. He vehemently denied the accusations.


Michael Jackson and Jordan Chandler visit The Royal Brompton Hospital, London, in 1992

Ms McManus said there is no doubt in her mind that Jackson abused Jordan, among others.

‘They were sitting on his lap. I just saw a lot of fondling. Him maybe rubbing his hands in kids’ hair, kissing them,’ she said of another child.

‘Petting the kids… kind of by the rear end.

‘I didn’t think it was appropriate because they’re not his children… I just didn’t think it was right.’

One alleged victim, Michael Jacobshagen, was a starstruck 12-year-old when he claims he first landed himself on Michael Jackson’s radar.

After a brief interaction, he claims the superstar began bombarding him with love letters and that he was eventually invited to the Neverland Ranch.

Jackson’s lawyer Tom Mesereau says the timely accusations are nothing more than a way for ‘opportunists to make a quick buck’ spurred along by the MeToo movement

He told Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program that the pair often watched Peter Pan and would spend time in the jacuzzi.

Often, he said, Jackson was naked during these interactions.

He also claims Jackson would invite him to strip down as well but that he never felt comfortable to do so.

Jackson’s lawyer Tom Mesereau said the timely accusations are nothing more than a way for ‘opportunists to make a quick buck’ spurred along by the MeToo movement.

‘Some of these accusers have not just change their story slightly – they have done a 180… before you can defend yourself, you are almost judged guilty. We’re going a little too far I think right now and a lot of people on this particular movement are trying to capitalise,’ he said.

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