Moe Darling McLeod Woman is arrested after she was filmed attacking a shopper with an ‘Abolish ICE’ sticker on her car

Police in Oregon have arrested a 57-year-old Washington woman, Moe Darling McLeod and charged her with felony assault after she attacked a shopper who had an ‘Abolish ICE’ sticker on her car.

Moe Darling McLeod was filmed by Alyssa Cuellar as she launched herself at her.

Cuellar was shopping at a Safeway supermarket in Astoria, Oregon, on August 8 when the altercation unfolded.

McLeod’s husband Vince, said to be a Marine veteran, passed Cuellar’s red Chevrolet and commented on the bumper sticker.

Moe McLeod, 57, angrily confronted a shopper at a grocery store in Oregon on August 8 

Alyssa Cuellar, pictured with her partner, filmed the confrontation in the store’s parking lot

Vince McLeod can be seen passing Cuellar’s red Chevrolet, with its ‘Abolish ICE’ bumper sticker, on the way to his blue pick up. He turns and yells abuse at Cuellar

Oregon woman attacks woman with ‘Abolish ICE’ sticker on car

Cuellar, who was in the parking lot some distance away, began filming on her cell phone.

He then yelled at her: ‘F*** you.’

McLeod came over to Cuellar, and confronted her – asking why she was filming her husband.

‘That my husband – he’s a Marine. He’s not going to touch your car, you little c***,’ said McLeod.

‘You’re a f****** c***.’

McLeod, her husband and the boy walk away. Cuellar tells other shoppers what happened, and the McLeod returns and starts brawling with Cuellar

 Cuellar filmed the incident, and then called 911. Moe McLeod was stopped and questioned shortly after

Noticing a boy with McLeod, Cuellar said: ‘Great example for your child.’

McLeod said that she was setting a good example for her child and accused Cuellar of harassing her husband.

McLeod demands Cuellar stop filming, screaming in her face: ‘It’s America b****!’

As McLeod, her husband and the child begin to walk away, Cuellar explains to passersby that the McLeod’s had started harassing her for no reason.

McLeod then turns around, runs towards Cuellar and punches her, knocking her cell phone from her hand.

Both women seem to hit the ground.

Cuellar’s Facebook page shows her actively campaigning for causes she believes in

One Facebook user, Darla Song, said that the couple had been abusive to her, too

McLeod is then heard telling a witness: ‘I didn’t touch her.’

Cuellar, audibly sobbing, returned to her car and called 911.

She later wrote on Facebook that McLeod ‘ended up physically pulling me down to the cement after I finally regained my things she had previously scattered and broke, and proceeded to scratching my chest, my back, my glasses on the cement, my knee which is also now swollen and bruised.’

Police in Astoria said that McLeod, who is from Ilwaco, Washington – 16 miles north, across state lines – was booked on Wednesday at the Clatsop County Jail.

‘The victim in the incident, following some concerning comments from a man about a sticker on her vehicle, began video recording the man concerned that something would happen to her vehicle,’ said Astoria police in a statement.

‘She was then confronted by the man’s wife, Moe Mcleod, who verbally accosted her, then physically assaulted her.’

They added that ‘the video released is very disturbing’.

Vince McLeod was previously working as a realtor, but the company, Long Beach Realty, said in a statement that they had ‘parted ways’ a year ago.

‘We do not tolerate or agree with that type of behavior,’ they said.

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